Welcome to the AP World History WikiEdit

Your non-boring guide to crushing that annoying AP Test. After this, nothing will stand in the way of enjoying wikia! Unfortunately there's not much here yet, but there will be!


If there are fan-based guides for conquering the virtual galaxy, why can't there be (not-so-fan-based, but still informative) guides to conquering the AP World test? Let's make things interesting and shoot to make acing school just (or maybe even half) as enjoyable as watching Sherlock, beating Skyrim, or eating Nutella. Impossible, you say? Let us see! Generation Y must make its mark someday, why not today? Plus it'll be amusing to watch the faces of your friends twist in jealousy after you tell them you had been on wikia all this time and still got a better score. Very amusing.

Destroy That Test!Edit

Time to annihalate that wretched Advanced Placement Test! But how can you when you have been spending all your time doing hard work in touching up the bedridden synopsis of Game of Thrones? Have you toiled away all that time only to be rewarded with a sub-par score? Horrendous! But what to do? Do not fear, AP World History (Slayer) Wiki will be your guiding light through this time of crisis. But do not cease fretting yet, young scholar, for this site has only begun its launch and will need your wisdom and aid to fully expand into something to be reckoned with. But when it does, be proud that you have been part of something big.

Latest activityEdit

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